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Nikki Beach Club

Nikki Beach Club

Nikki Beach Club, like its counterparts around the globe, offers an ideal setting for sun worshippers and those who like to gaze upon their golden toned bodies. Promoting a hedonistic lifestyle of sun, sand, and surf, the Nikki Beach experience can be somewhat daunting for diners who might feel uneasy about indulging in a big meal when everyone around the club seems so slim and trim. Casual and elegant, dining at Nikki is perhaps easiest on a Sunday morning when brunch is served buffet style, but the dining room remains open day and night serving salads, sandwiches, sushi and a globally influenced array of “jet set” dinner entrees in an indoor or outdoor setting.

While South Beach isn’t generally considered a morning spot, Nikki Beach Club does host a popular Sunday brunch served buffet style starting at 11am. Guests can enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal in the dining room or out on a sun bed and return whenever they choose for a variety of egg dishes, breakfast meats, pastas and salads and sushi rolls as well. One of the best reasons to start the morning at Nikki is to get first dibs on a prime spot to spend the day people watching as the crowds gather to mingle and dance on the sand. The buffet remains available until 4pm so your day at the beach is essentially a fully catered affair as long as you choose to dine.

Executive Chef Gerry Gnassi’s a la carte menu strives to satisfy nearly every appetite starting with garlic sauteed shrimp, crunchy calamari, Mexican chicken quesadillas and a variety of mixed salads topped with seafood, buffalo mozzarella and fresh fruit. Entrees range from overstuffed sandwiches with steak, chicken or Cuban-style pork, to a global hop from Italian pastas to Indian satay to Japanese tempura and eclectic sushi rolls. What makes a meal at Nikki Beach Club a totally South Beach experience is the opportunity to enjoy food, drinks and great music right on the sands of the Atlantic. Few spots can offer the chance to be part of the longest running beach party in town.

Nikki Beach Club
1 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL
Cuisine: Continental
Appetizers $10-$18, Entrees $17-$35